About this website

What you wear matters! In this day and age, you cannot afford to take your image lightly. On this site, you will learn to view what you wear through a Personal Branding lens.

Research shows that all it takes is 1/10 of second for someone to decide if you are trustworthy, competent, or attractive. 1/10 of a second to decide if you are of high status, promiscuous or likable. Did you know that when you wear color it sends subconscious messages to others and impacts their perception of you? Customers are six times more likely to be influenced by the color you are wearing more than anything else. If you are not telling a consistent brand story with your image it could cost you key relationships, and lead to lost opportunities. However, if you take the time to always look the part, and make yourself known for standing out for all the right reasons, a new level of success will be within your reach. When you look good, you feel good! And when you feel good, you’re confident.

About Toi Sweeney

Toi Sweeney—an award-winning stylist, brand image strategist, and successful entrepreneur—puts professionals on the pathway to a more confident, coordinated appearance. With 20 years of hands-on experience in the fashion industry, she tailors an individual, results-driven approach to every client. In other words, she’s the style director of their life.

According to Toi, “You are a brand. Your superpower is your product. Your clothing is your packaging. That packaging is one of the most visible ways to stand out from the rest.”

From founding her own design firm, Her Majesty the Queen, to managing the image of almost 30 TV personalities at the leading home shopping network, she uses her background to tell original stories through fashion.

Toi’s passion and talent has earned her a variety of honors and accomplishments. Presented with a prestigious Telly Award and featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Today, and other mediums, she lends her style expertise and innovative approach to video production, web commercials, and print pieces.

When not looking through the lens of personal branding, Toi enjoys spending time with her husband, John, of 15 years and their awesome son outside of Philadelphia, PA. Her faith also plays a huge role in her life; she is a faithful servant of Christ.

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