Be Consistent Like Cartier 

Jay Danzie says it this way “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business
card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you is yourtrademark.

The story cannot stop there. You must tell a consistent story across the board.

In 1847 the house of Cartier was built by Louis-Francois Cartier. The house is known

For the aesthetic of its art director Jeanne Toussaint. Toussaint was known for

Introducing the panther as well as other animals into the designs of Cartier, she was

known for being feminine and elegant assertive and independent. Jeanne often called a
true original, it’s no wonder her nick name was the panther.

The panther embodies the spirt of freedom of the multi-faceted Cartier women.

When you look at the commercials  of Cartier to date, it’s still displays the level of

exceptionalism that made it the jewel house of choice for most royal families and

celebrities. The Cartier women is still beautiful, elegant and assertive racing her car down the streets of Paris, her wrist and fingers are dazzling with Cartier. She plays by
her own rules not his. The gentleman are always debonair and handsome strong, you
know the strong but sensitive type. The brand tells a variety of stories about various


The emotion behind the story and the brand’s aesthetic does not change.

This this the same level of brand consistency that you need to have when you get dressed
in the morning. The venue may change. The color and mood depending on what you do
for a living may change. The foundation of what you represent should not change. 

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