Level-Up Your Presentation

We are all in sales, selling our products, services, or just selling ourselves. Dictionary.com offers this definition of selling: “to cause to be accepted, especially generally or widely.” We all want to be accepted.

Businesses cannot move forward without sales. In order for your customers to buy, they must perceive a value in what you’re selling, meaning they must perceive a value in you.

I am inspired by the work of Brian Wansink, a professor at Cornell University. Wansink has made it part of his life’s work to study how perceived value motivates behavior. Through his work, we’ve learned that perceived value is a powerful motivator in how people will perceive your personal brand.

Wansink conducted a test where consumers were served chocolate cake. The cake was served to the first group on a napkin; the second group received the cake on a paper plate. The cake was served to the third group on Wedgwood china.

It’s hard to deny the power of  perception  when you review the results.

The first group–let’s call them the napkin eaters–thought the cake was good. The second group, the paper plate eaters, thought the cake was great.

But the third group, who received their cake on china, not only thought the cake was amazing–they were also willing to pay triple the amount

( ok this is red velvet but it still looks a mess)

Just like the slice of cake served on fine china, how you present yourself speaks to the expectation and the perceived value of your brand. What you wear matters ! You must up-level your presentation.

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