No one is a ten everyday ! 

So…one of my goals this year is to not be a hypocrite. Because  I’ve been just that,regarding my diet I mean. I announce to everyone how I’m suppose to eat for my RA & Sjogrens syndrome  but than I turn around and eat that butter pound cake like a boss ! It has to stop !

Granted I’m super hard on myself 

And very ambitious but still not as healthy as I know I can be. ( Today’s lunch btw! Super Yummy !  cauliflower rice  

Kale burger and Mushrooms mixed with a little Gluten free Bangkok peanut sauce

Anyway ! the same  goes for personal  branding and personal style. 

“No one is a ten everyday” said a colleague to me one day !

I  disagree ! I’m not going to be all glamours  to run errands however 

The goal is always your personal best.

I was reminded of this the other day. I ran into an old neighbor who looks amazing!

She’s a wellness coach now and is beautiful from the inside out. I was so excited to see her but when I realized that I did not aim for my personal best regarding my wardrobe I was a little embarressed to be honest. I don’t ever do this, I was running behind to pick up my son from school and I just grab my keys and ran out the door. I looked like a crazy person! As she gave me the once over I suddenly became aware that I felt no need to be super dressy but I could have taken an extra 2min to throw on a decent pair of shoes as oppose to the rundown mukluks that I was wearing. #hotmess. 

This is not a message about not being yourself. This is about prepping so you can always put your best foot foward.

Prepping your looks during the week and prepping your meals to set your self up for success. 

Take inventory of what you need to buy to make this happend I’m ordering new Mukluks  today ! 👍🏾💋. These are my go to to stay warm and chic in the winter. 

Other tricks for liking cute while running errands is Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer gives you a flawless face without looking like your trying to hard. Pop on your favorite lip gloss and your super cute ! 

For Men! Please make sure your not wearing pop pop jeans. Wear Jeans  that are relevant. Complete your look with a great fashion sneaker

We are all in this together! Aim for your personal best everyday !

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