People only trust what they see. 

 I am at that point in the season where I’m over everything! Scrolling through instagram, shopping online everything and everyone looks the same. I love things that look different and if I had the budget and the body to dress my brand the way I would prefer look  out world ! So you all know I am not at all about trends but I do feel that you need to be relevant. I’m constantly urging you to “Dress Your  Message” That being said I have three events I need to get ready for in September. Since I just started my business full time I want to be cautious about spending.  As I mentioned I’m over everything on line and in stores. When I get bored I lean to street styles. And make them my own. Some of the looks I covered on like IG dresses over pants etc. 

Here are some fresh ideas so that you won’t look like everyone else this fall . Click here to get the scoop ! Be Different! Be You! Dress the way you want to be addressed. 

What you wear matters. People only trust what they see at first glance. You have 9 seconds make it count ! 

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