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Let’s start working on your personal brand today ! Email me ! I would love to help you ! 

If you have not already picked up my book Secrets Of A Well Dressed Brand click on the link below. ( Bonus Sneak Peak of the videos that are in the book) This book is packed with videos and great tips on how to become a well dressed personal brand ! 

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Secrets of a Well Dressed Brand by Toi Sweeney
#2 If you’re looking for a way to build a fascinating personal brand that will set you apart from the crowd and get you notice in your industry, message me to schedule a 1 hour personal branding consultation. This consultation will consist of a 10 minute assessment test that shows you exactly what makes you so fascinating to other people. How you add value to your team and why you deserve to be paid more. The cost is 197.00 You will be amazed at the results we will then create an action plan at no additional cost. 
#3 In additional book a personal style consultation. Once you we know what’s your personal brand is all about we can create a brand specific personal style. This allows you to dress according to the message you want to send to the world. What you wear matters. Cost $197.00
#4 Book both $500.00 and receive a free copy of my book !  


#5 Full branding package plus a full day shop. A personalized look book including your very own color pallets $2000.00 

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