Kelley A. Cwiklinski

I had the pleasure of working with Toi when I started my new position as Chief Lending Officer at Covenant Bank. I had a great time and learned a lot on how to dress for success (“A” Game) -- every day without breaking my piggy bank. Being a professional banker, that is very important to me! We spent the day together and my biggest “take away” was that it is always good to have an expensive statement piece which you can plan your outfit around that and up your game—not to mention we had a blast. I also learned what colors worked better for me as well as clothing styles for my body type. I highly recommend consulting and planning a day with Toi; she is well worth every penny!

Kelley A. Cwiklinski , Executive Vice President Chief Lending Officer
Jess Jackson

The moment I met Toi, I could feel the energy and passion she has for what she does. She didn't try to change me, but worked hard to discover what style fit me best and then was able to pull it all together in a way that I could have never even dreamed of doing. She has impeccable style,discriminating taste, great attention to detail, and a ton of confidence in her abilities that I never felt the need to question her even once. I went from having a closet full of nothing,to a well-curated collection of items that reflected who I am. My self-confidence in doing my job [TV Host & Designer] increased ten-fold after having Toi style my wardrobe. She listened well to my thoughts and was able to incorporate them, while still pushing me to go outside of my box to create looks that were fun, stylish and totally me. I would recommend her to anyone-- she's a joy to work with, the ultimate professional and the best in the biz!

Jess Jackson, Television Program Host & Interior Designer , Livewell Network.
Stephanie Humphrey

Get outta my head!' is an inside joke I share frequently with Toi. She just has this innate ability to immediately understand my image needs and come up with the best solution to fit them. I'm building my brand as a Tech-Life Expert in the media, and it would be very easy to take the obvious route when it comes to my image and be 'geek chic' or super trendy. Toi always sees beyond that and is able to push my image ahead of the trend towards something aspirational but still approachable. I rely on Toi for on-air looks, or when I want to impress at a big meeting and I'm never disappointed with the response I get. She is as important to my brand as my own personal expertise and talent, because she delivers that last piece that allows me to become the total package.

Stephanie Humphrey, Tech Expert & Television Personality
Marianne Ahern

I credit Toi with helping me find a fresh new direction for dressing! Like most women, I agonize over a few areas of my body. Toi helped me embrace who I am while giving me tips to enhance the positive. Now when I get dressed, I love what I see in the mirror, making me more confident and downright happy. Finding your own look and loving it is no small feat. I am 100% sure I would not have gotten there without Toi’s amazing perspective and knowledgeable guidance. She even makes it fun to shop!

Marianne Ahern , President, Ahern Marketing Partners, Inc.