The Experience That Shapes You  ! 12 months later! 

On October 7 2016, I walked out of the doors of my corporate job.  I’d  been there for nearly 16 years!  What was I thinking ? I had a long list of “why”  I needed to leave as well as “Why”  I should have stayed. I had exceptional benefits, my son had just started a new school for kids with learning differences and the tuition was super expensive. My husband had just started a new job which required him to travel alot. My mom told me not to leave that good and steady job. I would love to tell you that the day I walked out of that building ( my home away from home) that my hair was blowing in the wind. That my theme song was playing and that with each sounds of my stilettos hitting the floor, came the convictions that I was doing the right thing. NOPE ! The truth is…it was a cliff diving moment of faith. I was sure God could provide but unsure if he would provide. I needed to trust God in away that I had never trusted him before. It was scary  but I knew it was time to stop waiting for permission. Waiting for permission to take what was rightfully mine. My hopes, my dreams and the feeling that I was useful, worthy of the respect that I had worked so hard to earned with over 20 years in the fashion industry. I still remember the  last words that my manager whom I had reported to for most of my career  said to me  before I left  “ Leave your badge at security” 

You have to know me to understand why I reached out and  hugged her. Smiled gently and said “see you later”  Off I went. The next few months consisted of mourning the loss of my old home. Leaving a CEO that I respected, emailed often and was genuinely sad to see me leaving. ( so grateful that we still email) The next few months consisted of me getting comfortable in my new role as a entrepreneur and work from home mom.  It has not been  easy but I did it ! I published my  first book called Secrets Of A Well Dressed Brand. I became a certified personal branding coach. Through Sally Hogshead  Facination Advantage. I have been featured on a dozen different podcast (including a few coming  up this month) I have been a featured expert  for and I also received The Fashion Icon of the year award from The Art Institute of Philadelpha. I had the pleasure of speaking at Arizona State University ! Which hands down was one of the best nights  of my life ! I felt so alive that night ! It’s been a crazy year. I also attended the Forbes Women’s Conference #mindblown #redefineingpiwer.  I went to San Juan with a crew of exceptional entrepreneurs that I really didn’t know that well. We started out as strangers and left as friends. #girlstrip On sept 13 2017  my mom passed away. I am so grateful that she got to see that Yes , I’m a dreamer but dreams do come true. My moms last words to me “ I love you “ “ I am proud of you” So not every moment in the last 12 months has been glorious. But I am so grateful for each moment. If I change one thing it would change everything. I am so grateful to God for answering my prayer. As I continue on the journey as a entrepreneur I am humbled by all of the failures and successes that I’ve had in my life. Three more months in this year and I am able to check off most of the items on my vision board. I have by no means arrived. I could not have done this without the love and support of all of my friends and family. So many of you showed up for me and pushed me along  and believing in me when I was unsure of myself ! I’ve learned that you have to give your Jericho moments to God let him break the walls down for you. Trust him, be the light that you want to see in the world. Stand tall and love the ones that persecute you because they have no power over you. They were just helping to shape you into what God already said you are. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 

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